The Choral Society raised a grand total of £2,664 for our two adopted charities over the Christmas period, thanks to donations at our Christmas concert, our carol singing at the city station (see photos) and other events.

The amount was 30% higher than the previous year, and Chair Colin Dunkerley thanked everyone involved. Lucy Hume of The Hospice of St Francis, which received £1,114 in donations during our station carolling on 19 December, sent heartfelt thanks and said ‘I’m sure you brought a lot of joy to the commuters’. Choir members also donated generously in advance of the occasion.

Centre 33, which supports homeless and otherwise disadvantaged people in St Albans, received £1,400 from a collection at the end of our Christmas Celebration concert on 14 December. There were additional donations to the choir’s Singing Group for its performances at Allington Court and Lords Taverners.

Special thanks to those involved in organising the various fundraising efforts, including David Lee and Viv Levy.

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